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ESG Investing
Temasek Trust, the philanthropic unit of Singapore wealth fund Temasek, has joined forces with some of the world’s leading private foundations for collective action on worthy causes in Asia.
3 Oct 2022
Although businesses and investors stand to make a lot of money if they can properly navigate the new risk environment, no one seems to have a good explanation for why we are where we are. Climate risks, in particular, have been systematically underestimated, and thus mispriced, for decades
29 Sep 2022
Announcing the winners of the Index Provider Awards of The Asset Triple A Private Capital Awards for Private Banks, Wealth & Investment Bank Advisers, Solutions and Index Providers 2022.
26 Sep 2022
Guillaume Abel, who joins firm at a time of strong growth, has extensive impact investment experience
3 Oct 2022
Governments that allow their natural resources to remain undeveloped impede their own economic prospects and jeopardize the global transition to a green economy. Resource-rich countries must responsibly maximize the value of their oil, gas and metal deposits
2 Oct 2022
Asset manager will divest from investee firms not credibly transitioning by 2030 or 2040
22 Sep 2022
Project Syndicate talks with Werner Hoyer, president of the European Investment Bank, who emphasizes that European investments in liquefied natural gas and pipeline gas are only a stop-gap, views green hydrogen as central to a mutually beneficial partnership between Africa and Europe, touts the importance of modern financial instruments to mobilizing private capital in the fight against climate change, and more
21 Sep 2022
ABC Impact, an impact investment firm backed by Temasek Trust, the philanthropic unit of Singapore wealth fund Temasek, has invested in Innovafeed, a Paris-based producer of sustainable animal feed and plant nutrition ingredients from insects. Other investors in Innovafeed’s latest US$250 million funding round include global agribusiness companies ADM and Cargill, as well as existing investors Temasek and Creadev.
21 Sep 2022
Aims to invest US$59.9 million in solarZero, accelerate growth solar, battery tech platform
14 Sep 2022
Project’s close-to-nature approach part of Chinese region’s climate-resilient forestry planning
14 Sep 2022
Although the United States and China have both begun to make significant strides toward carbon-free electricity generation, they could move even faster if they worked together. New research shows that both could decarbonize their grids by 80% between now and 2035.
8 Sep 2022
As decarbonization depends on data, trust and transparency will be necessary to mobilize the capital needed to meet the country's ambitious climate-change targets
4 Sep 2022
Interest margin linked to achievement of sustainability targets across ESG areas
30 Aug 2022
The European Union’s power sector is a good example of what market fundamentalism has done to electricity networks the world over. With the end of cheap natural gas, retail consumers and businesses are paying the price for their governments’ embrace of a shoddy theory
30 Aug 2022